Edömér Haknish

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Edömér Haknish - in Hungarian: Haknish Edömér - (1890; Tehénlepényes - 1990; Budaszarató-i szaratórium) was a famous litterature historian and criticist. He was the founder of modern hungarian litterature critics. His main work is A görényalakok előfordulása Rondás Weseör egy-és többsorosaiban, what has been writeen about the great poet, Miss. Rondás Weseör and her gigantic apocalyptic epic, Pedbutas veszése (The ruination of country Pedbutas).

Haknish was a convinced leftist during all his life. He always left his wives and girlfriends after months.

Haknish died in 1990 jan. 10. in a sad illness hiperlipoproteineamia, because the intestinal adsorbtion of his Medicago Glykozids was fecally lethal (or lethally fecal, the physicians couldn't decide).